Easy Medical Supplies of Dante Mojica

Dante Mojica (Marist 80), proprietor, Philam Life financial advisor, Marist alumnus, formally launches his new business: Easy Medical Supplies, located at 38 Juan Luna St. Parang Marikina City Tel. No. +6329419542, Journeys To Financial Security http://journeystofinancialsecurity.wordpress.com together with colleagues at Philam Life, Marist Alumni Business Exchange, prays that Dante Mojica will be blessed by God in all his endeavours.

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Marist 1982: Up Where We Belong (The Making)

Marist 1982: Up Where We Belong (The Making)

The call to make a batch video as posted in Marist School Alumni Association

calling on ALL BATCHES!

we are asking your batch to prepare a video presentation highlighting your batch then and now.

kindly use the avi format for uniformity.


these videos will be shown throughout the proceedings of the 2014 Marist Alumni Homecoming.

DEADLINE FOR SENDING THE VIDEOS IS AUGUST 7. please send them via email to a_biason@yahoo.com. videos will be screened.

thank you very much!

I, together with batchmate Arch. Jun Arriero, shared the notice to Marist 82 FB group

Taking up the challenge. Calling on suggestions from MARIST 82

Nuj Ar and I were able to brainstorm a little last night and I wish to thank him for all the indispensable insights he has offered me regarding this undertaking and regarding my singing as well.

 Rom Cumagun Nuj Ar thanks for sharing your insights. I pray I could do justice to all the creativity you have shared with me in my new journey in University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design July 9
Rom Cumagun Any suggestions? July 21

This is the first version which I have modified with the most helpful feedback from Arch. Jun Arriero.

The video shared by friends

I personally shared this video to the Facebook group I am moderating Rom Cumagun Students: Formal & Informal, Past Present & Future


Photos and videos used were taken by Jundio Salvador and I during MARIST ’82 PICNIC on MARCH 15, 2014

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First MABEX: Marist Alumni Business Exchange meet-up, “Thursday Brew”

at Blue Knights, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

By Rom Cumagun (Marist 82 LSQC 82 Ateneo 86)

first thursday brew with (clockwise from leftmost) Larrie Mariano, Jon Vicente, Jay Arriola, Ariel Marundan, Bobby Caparos, Rom Cumagun, Irene Moran, Dennis Samson

first thursday brew with (clockwise from leftmost) Larrie Mariano, Jon Vicente, Jay Arriola, Ariel Marundan, Bobby Caparos, Rom Cumagun, Irene Moran, Dennis Samson

Dennis Samson (Marist 89) MABEX Creator, presiding.

Attending (in order of  personal introductions seen in the first video clip):

Larrie Mariano (Marist 80) Jonathan “Jon” Vicente (Marist 85) Bobby Caparros (Marist 82) Ariel Marundan (Marist 82) Rom Cumagun (Marist 82 LSQC 82 Ateneo 86) Jay Arriola (Marist 82).

Mutual friend visiting, Irene Moran. of FISHER MALL

Chance meeting Lorraine Bonafe of MULTISource Aluminum Composite Panel alabmultisource@gmail.com



The need for a website

Dominant topic in the meeting is the idea of putting up a website that will extol the brand of THE MARIST BUSINESSMAN. What is that brand, anyway? It is all left to be tested in reality but if Dennis were to be asked, he would rather that all Maristian businessmen go back to Marian traditional values of  “simplicity, modesty and humility.” And so a dream: a website that declares to the world that Marist entrepreneurs and professionals, in all industries, is a force to reckon with.

Imagine the customer who has no brand loyalties yet; where does he go for his supplies? The customer surfs the net and searches, “real estate broker;” search results yield, MABEX professional, Jay Arriola (Marist 82); his interest piqued, the customer explores the website further and discovers that he can also find suppliers for his other needs, all in one website; plus he now has a stronger impression that MABEX is a reliable business partner and possibly, a friend for keeps.

What if in this website, the customer can transact business in real-time? A lifelong customer for MABEX? Years go by and this customer refers MABEX to all his colleagues, “go deal with MABEX!” The customer goes on to coach his peers, “aside from Maristians as extraordinary partners, they are “simple, modest and humble friends.”

Can you imagine the possibilities of a fully functional Marist Alumni Business Exchange website?

Calling on Maristian Webmasters & Mediamen

Now the work at hand: making the MABEX website. Pretty sure, there are webmasters in the group who can make this project go. On my end, I created a blog exclusive to my MABEX advocacy. This is not an official MABEX blog (I prefer to reserve my right to my opinions so readers can have an objective eye on events). All the media practitioners in the group can follow suit. Another way to do this is contribute to this blog; please contact me, Rom Cumagun GLOBE & VIBER +639272211966; SMART +639995064928; PLDT +6329414060; FACETIME & YAHOO EMAIL romcumagun@yahoo.com; SKYPE romcumagun ROM CUMAGUN ON ABOUT ME,  FACEBOOK,  ROMCUMAGUNMEDIANEWSONLINE,  TEACHER ROM CUMAGUN,  BLOGGER,  WATTPAD,  YOUTUBE,  USTREAMLINKED IN,  STUDENTS

My hopes, too that https://mabexwithromcumagun.wordpress.com will help generate interest from our members to pitch in their talents. So how about this fellow Maristians?





Tuesday April 1, 2014 Updates

1. Bro. Crispin Betita, FMS saw Barney’s Burger feature and he wondered “could Barney’s Burger franchise be a good income generating project (IGP) for our Marcelin Children’s Homes; part of our sustainability. We have 71 children under our care, all going to school — elementary to university.” I promptly shared him Gil Jude Flores’s contact so they could directly communicate. I pray they have connected already and that Bro. Crispin’s curiosity was satisfied.

2. Jung Camua Marist 82 “When is the next meeting of MABEX? I would like to observe and maybe join.” Jung, you are most welcome to observe and join as soon as you see fit.


Wednesday April 2, 2014 Updates

1. Ronnie Merino Marist 82, Head of Sales, Customer Development Group ABS-CBN, although not a Facebook fan is interested to check out MABEX.

2. Irene Moran has agreed to make Fisher Mall be featured in mabexblog this coming Friday April 5.